Introducing Chortle Chortle

Launching a newsletter on my birthday

If you’ve been friends with me throughout the years, my launching a newsletter shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. After all, I used to round up my favourite links, highlighting and commenting on specific passages. And if we go back even further, I’ve been bearing my soul to the corners of the internet since the days of Xanga.

Eventually, I stopped writing more than a few sentences at a time because, of well, life. For the most part, I’ve stayed pretty quiet, and only recently have I shared a lot more of my thoughts on Twitter in a stream of threaded posts.

Here are two examples:

  • This one on NYS’ bill on prohibiting third-party listing of restaurants without consent and a bit on data privacy

  • This one on the “Stop Internet Sexual Exploitation Act (“SISEA”) where it has become clear that lawmakers are so ignorant of technology that it has come to affect how they even establish definitions in the bill.

In essence, I want to take all my stray commentary on tech, restaurants, and immigration, and formulate it into something that is easily shareable and digestible. Not entirely sure why I’m so into US immigration? Well, the about page has a good list of reasons that should give you a good idea why I’m so vested in the topic.

As much as I am starting penning my thoughts down here for myself, I would also like it to be for you, dear reader. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my posts and what you’d like to learn more about and what resources you think I should be diving into. Join me on this tipsy topsy journey of commentary and personal essays where we help each other learn more about these spaces.